Mitsu Domoi by Chris Hall, Sculptor

Chris Hall, Sculptor, Scotland, UK

"My sculpture has evolved over the last 30 years from being a projection of an "idea" to a direct experience with my chosen media: stone and wood. In practice this means responding to the hidden qualities of particular pieces of found material.

Working with nature nourishes me. I have learned to observe the work that nature has already begun. I have discovered that nature has become my teacher. For a creative dialogue to begin I need only look closely at what is already happening in a given piece of rock, wood, landscape or plant.

The key is to be attentive to what happens before my eyes and gradually a sculpture will emerge. I can truly say that working in this way is thrilling and risky, but incredibly enlivening.

I like to place sculpture in a context that has meaning for me. Therefore I have undertaken work in sacred places, for example the cloisters of Iona Abbey, or in landscapes I have designed or chosen. An important aspect of my work are bespoke commissions and memorials, where a significant relationship is necessary between craftsman and client."

Chris Hall lives and works in the Scottish Borders. His stone, wood and bronze sculptures are found all over the UK in private collections and public spaces. He is currently accepting commissions for sculptures and memorials.

All images copyright: Christopher Hall